Table of Contents

Quick Start on Windows

Setup development

Fantas will work with most .NET tools (Visual Studio 2017 or superior).

Create new project

After installing Visual Studio extension, create a new project using File New Project:


Or Using dotnet new command line

If you want to create new game using new .NET instead of the classic you can do from the command line:

  • Install Fantas templates for dotnet new.
dotnet new install Fantas.Templates

This will install .NET Fantas templates, you can crate a new desktop game doing

mkdir MyGame
cd MyGame
dotnet new fantas-desktop

This are the templates available:

--------------------------------------------  --------------  --------  ---------------------------
Fantas Android Game (.NET)                    fantas-android  [C#]      android/mobile/games
Fantas Desktop DirectX Game (.NET - Windows)  fantas-directx  [C#]      desktop/games/windows
Fantas Desktop Game (.NET)                    fantas-desktop  [C#]      desktop/games/linux/windows
Fantas iOS Game (.NET)                        fantas-ios      [C#]      ios/games
Fantas macOS Game (.NET)                      fantas-mac      [C#]      macos/games
Fantas tvOS Game (.NET)                       fantas-tvos     [C#]      tvos/games